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I am pleased to endorse the use of the Cat's Paw orthosis / exerciser for symptomatic treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. As a Founder and Fellow of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, I spent the last 25 years evaluating and treating patients with various painful neuromuscular conditions. In my experience, approximately 65-70% of all patients with uncomplicated carpal tunnel syndrome benefit from the use of the Cat's Paw device as evidenced by a significant reduction in pain, recovery of sensation and thenar strength and function. I consider the Cat's Paw an essential first treatment for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as those at risk with jobs involving sustained and repetitive wrist flexion.

Yours truly,
Dr. David C. Agnew

M.D., F.A.A.P.M.
Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology USC,
School of Medicine Diplomate,
American Board of Clinical Neurology
533 East Micheltorena Street, Suite 202 Santa Barbara, California 93103

I am happy to supply you with this letter concerning our positive experience with your product, the Cats Paws hand exerciser for relief and prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injuries. After receiving samples of the Cats Paw, we forwarded them to various clients of ours that were having trouble with Carpal Tunnel.

Most clients reported seeing positive results, with one client in particular having great success from using the Cats Paw. She had been diagnosed and battling Carpal Tunnel for over four years. Using typical therapies such as wrist braces and anti-inflammatory and pain drugs helped some but her problem continued to be very persistent and painful. Surgery may have been on the horizon. The Cats Paw helped her almost immediately. She has seen a tremendous decrease in pain and is much better prepared for her daily routine and happier at work.

We passed out a couple of dozen Cats Paws and have been impressed with the good results. I would highly recommend any company concerned with Carpal Tunnel problems investigate purchasing the Cats Paw. We will continue to recommend and use your effective and affordable product.

Scott L. Curry,
Curry Insurance Agency

Your cats paws are working great. So far, in the exercise department, they are the one thing that my patients consistently say is helpful for carpal tunnel syndrome. I have seen a number of unsuccessful carpal tunnel surgery patients. I think that cats paws, with conservative chiropractic treatment and physical therapy, should be the first line of defense for this ever-growing problem.


Katy Jacobson,
D.C. A Family Chiropractic Center,
300 E. Canon Perdido Street, Suite E-1, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

I am happy to supply you with this letter concerning our positive experiences with your product, the Cats Paw Ergonomic Hand Exerciser. After receiving your samples, we started using them at some companies having trouble with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Results have been good; we have seen a reduction in the number of Carpal Tunnel type problems and claims. We specialize in workers’ compensation insurance and have seen many products. The Cats Paw seems to be working better than anything else we have found for reducing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome claims for our clients.

Most of our clients who passed out Cats Paws have been impressed with the results and are requesting more. I would recommend the Cats Paw to any company concerned with Carpal Tunnel or Repetitive Strain. We will continue to recommend and use your effective and affordable product.

Thomas Steinbrenner Ogilvy,
Gilbert, Norris & Hill Insurance

Regarding the CATS PAW hand exerciser for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Since 1991 this new device has shown success relieving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms for many of my patients. Using the CATS PAW and related exercises routine allowed patients to remain at their jobs, and some to quit using their wrist braces at night or altogether.

Many patients have noted increased grip strength and the ability to once again use their hands repetitively without pain. Further clinical study is indeed warranted, however, initial results from my office have been good and I will continue to prescribe the CATS PAW to my patients.

I believe it certainly could not hurt anyone and it is very affordable. This exciting new approach to such a prolific problem should definitely be considered before resorting to invasive or drug therapies, and may very well enable some patients to avoid having to wear wrist braces.

Yours in Health,
Dr. James R. Michalak,

Chiropractic & Nutrition
Dr. Michalak is a preferred healthcare provider for U.F.C.W. UNION LOCAL 1036.

Dr. Emil Pascarelli of the Miller Institute at Columbia University. Excerpt from the book, REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURIES, a computer user’s guide.

"Muscles work in unison, you must learn to stretch and lengthen corresponding (opposing) muscles. Tight muscles on one side of the bone can cause the other side to over stretch and weaken. You must do exercises to strengthen corresponding muscle groups faithfully to keep everything in balance and remain in shape for your job."

This is exactly what the Cats Paw does.
Doctor Pascarelli is one of the foremost authorities on RSI and CTS in the country.

Dr. Vincent Muoneke - Seattle Hand Surgeon

"Carpal tunnel syndrome is preventable. A simple series of stretches and exercises can help counter its effects. Incorporating, added resistance (such as the Cats Paw) is an excellent way to build endurance for lengthy keyboarding." The Cats Paw is preventative.

The Seattle Times
WASHINGTON'S LARGEST NEWSPAPER Utility touts success of Cats Paw treatment

SEATTLE - City Light might have stumbled upon a $9 treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which has been called the industrial disease of the 90s. The public utility conducted a study of 25 Carpal Tunnel sufferers using a palm-sized exerciser called the "Cats Paw" and found that two-thirds of the subjects reported favorable results, according to Keven Mosley Koehler, an occupational- health therapist at the utility.

Another larger study will be conducted later this year.

The device is a palm sized piece of rubber with holes for the fingers, and the prescribed exercise is that of opening the hands as opposed to other ergonomic devices that stress closing the hand. It was developed by a Santa Barbara, California inventor, Joel Gibney, who suffer from the ailment, also called Repetitive Strain Injury, or RSI, because it's caused by repetitive movements of the fingers and hands. It's prevalent among computer keyboard users, grocery checkers, musicians and machine operators.

Alex Tizon

San Francisco Examiner


Device aims to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.


WASHINGTON - In a computer-dependent age, carpal tunnel syndrome has become an ailment of an entire generation of workers. Joel Gibney, a former carpenter has lived with the discomfort for sometime.

"It's been a blue-collar problem forever, but the reason it's been getting so much press is because it moved into the white collar arena with the advent of computers," said Gibney, now a Santa Barbara businessman.

Gibney is the inventor of the Cats Paw, a small flexible pad with holes for each finger. [With it] Computer users can exercise their hand after long stretches of typing. [The Cats Paw exercises the hands in the opening direction to balance all the forceful closing movements - even typing is pushing in.]

Gibney said he first noticed discomfort in his wrists using a pneumatic nail gun instead of a regular hammer. "I started waking up with my hands sore and numb," he said. The Cats Paw, named because of the shape of the device, is made from neoprene, a material often used for knee and wrist wraps.

It can also be purchased with a special computer screen saver to remind typists to take periodic rest breaks. The device is priced under $10 for just the Cats Paw and under $20 for a package that includes the screen saver. Gibney received patent No. 5,492,525 in February

Men's Health Magazine
Men's Confidential Newsletter
Putting It to the Test

Cat's Cradle

LAST MONTH MY DOCTOR TOLD ME I had an acute case of tennis elbow. Pretty depressing news for a guy that doesn't even play tennis. But he told me that grasping weights had overstrained the muscles in my forearms. Besides icing and rest, he suggested I strengthen my hands and fingers.

The problem is, most grip strengtheners only work the flexors, the muscles that close the fist. In daily life, your hand gets enough of a workout just grabbing for a book or shaking hands. And overdevelopment of these muscles can create a muscle imbalance and lead to health problems. But I found one little gizmo, called the Cats Paw, that works both the flexors and extensors, the muscles that open the hand. By slipping your fingers in each hole and opening and closing your fingers, you get a balanced workout, one that I've noticed has helped with my recovery. (I'll be ready for the US Open in no time.) It's also been known to help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries. The Cats Paw is available for $9 from Gibney International, 1-800-CATS PAW.

Myatt Murphy

Your Health Magazine
Cats Paw is Cat's Meow of Grip Strengtheners

If banging away at the keyboard is causing you pain, investigate the Cats Paw. It's a little doodad designed to exercise the muscles of your hands and, the manufacturer says, relieve pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive strain injury. Men's Confidential newsletter notes that unlike other grip strengtheners which exercise only one set of hand muscles (the flexors), this one works both the flexors and extensors, the muscles that open the hand. You slip your fingers in the holes, open and close your hand and get a balanced workout.

Safeguard Against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome AliMed

Cat's Paw is an easy-to-use single hand exerciser that helps temper the effects of repetitive daily stresses that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. It stretches the fingers in the direction opposite the way they are used in daily work activities. Made of stretchable neoprene. The Cat's Paw is ideal for every computer keyboard operator, assembly line worker, sewing machine operator, trucker—anyone subject to repetitive wrist motions. Exercise program booklet included.

Study Questions Use of Wrist Braces

By Lore Croghan, Knight-Ridder News Service

Corporate America sees wrist braces as a cheap way to solve the expensive problem of repetitive wrist strain. They're making a big mistake, a new study says.

Ninety-two percent of America's industrial and service companies recommend wrist braces to alleviate workers' wrist pain, but the braces may do little good or actually cause harm, says a survey released Monday by the Center for Workplace Health in Haverford, PA. In contrast, it says, only 30 percent of occupational-health-care providers recommend the use of wrist braces.

"Companies are desperate to deal with this problem," James Kinsella, editor of monthly newsletter CTDNews, said. "Braces seem to provide a solution, at least temporarily," Kinsella said.

"What health professionals are saying is that it's no solution. When you're temporarily taking away the pain, you're drawing attention away from the problem." The Center for Workplace Health publishes CTDNews. The acronym stands for Cumulative Trauma Disorders, of which repetitive wrist injury is one.Kinsella said he was surprised at how widely wrist braces are used to fight pain caused by workplace injury.

Wrist braces are rigid wraps made of plastic, leather or metal that fit over the bottom of the hand and the back of the upper arm. They hold the wrist straight when moved. They typically cost between $20 and #30. Made by a number of manufacturers, they are widely available at medical-supply stores. One company plans to begin selling them in grocery stores, Kinsella said.

Wrist pain affects millions of workers nationwide. They work in computer data-processing such as travel agencies, telemarketing or newspapers, or in manufacturing, construction and food processing. Specifically, 1.89 million Americans suffer symptoms of the repetitive-strain wrist injury known as carpal tunnel syndrome, according to a CTDNews survey conducted last fall. And another 4 million American workers have tendonitis, many of them in their wrists and arms.

The care of the injured costs companies a bundle, Kinsella said. He cites a recent report from Blue Cross of California estimating the total price tag for the average carpal tunnel case as $100,000, including medical expenses and lost productivity. Kinsella does not expect the survey to slow the sale of wrist braces. He hopes, instead, that it will make people think about taking better care of themselves at work. "I hope it makes workers more educated about the pain they're feeling and realize that wrist braces aren't the only solution," Kinsella said .

FOR RELEASE New Approach to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome could save Seattle City Light $100,000

Ray Anchan’s severe pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome related directly to how much time he spent at his PC keyboard. The Seattle City Lighting Dept. Facilities Manager had been under medical care for years. He wore wrist braces at work and at night so he could sleep and took a lot of Tylenol for the pain, he has even received a workers comp claim for his problem.

Last September while at a Seattle PayLess Drug Store Anchan noticed a small device called the Cats Paw. The package said using this unique hand exerciser would help relieve and prevent the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel. Since nothing had worked so far he decided to give it a try.

It may have been the best $9.00 he ever spent. After just 2 weeks Ray said his condition improved 200%. He wakes up with considerably more sensation in his hands and has been able to greatly reduce the amount of pain reliever he was taking.

He brought it to the attention of Seattle City Light Safety, Health and Wellness coordinator Keven Mosley. After contacting the manufacturer, Gibney Int’l in Santa Barbara CA, Ms. Mosley set up an in-house study to test their claims that using this patented device helps relieve most common problems associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS for about 2 out of 3 people.

The results are impressive, 68% of participating employees reported reduction or elimination of their symptoms. -more- CTS is a hand disorder dubbed "the Industrial Disease of the 90s". It is caused by doing too much of the same motion for too long at a time.

Computer operators work 5 times as fast as the typists of yesteryear and assembly lines whiz by faster and faster every year. Jobs become more specific, workers are expected to keep up and their hands are breaking down. Through inside pressure or outside constriction the nerve running through the wrist controlling the hand gets pinched. The first sign is usually numbness or tingling in the hands at night, often waking you up. Pain and aching may follow and if ignored can become severe. Extreme cases can leave a person unable to do even simple tasks like brushing their teeth or opening a door.

In Mosley’s study employees that rated their symptoms as moderate or mild had the most success. 10 out of 10 reported their discomfort was reduced or eliminated completely. Out of the 6 employees rating their symptoms as severe, 2 reported substantial relief. Keeping employees healthy and thus saving SCL money is what Mosley feels her job is all about. "Indications of this study lead us to believe that this is an effective and affordable new addition to our over-all ergonomic approach and that it can help reduce and possibly eliminate problems before they become severe and costly.

We can supply this device to every employee for less than the cost of one CTS case." Mosley believes this is money well spent. How does it work? According to Joel Gibney, a Santa Barbara inventor, exercising the extensor muscles that open your hand can restore the natural biomechanical balance lost due to repetitive strain, this can ease the pinch on the nerve.

His theory is gaining support among prominent Doctors around the country. Dr Jim Michalak, who has been using the CATS PAW for over 3 years and helped test it says, "It has allowed patients to remain at their jobs, and some to quit using their wrist braces. Many patients have noted increased grip strength and the ability to once -more- again use their hands repetitively without pain." Dr. Emil Pascareli, who authored a book on the subject writes, "You must do exercises to strengthen corresponding muscle groups faithfully to keep everything in balance and remain in shape for your job." If the Cats Paw continues to show results similar to Seattle City Light, Ray Anchan may be right when he wrote "Who knows, this may be to the age of technology what the hard hat was to the construction work force.

The Cats Paw is the best way to stop pain in my hands and wrist. I was first introduced to your product when I was working for Skate-One skateboard company in Santa Barbara Ca.

My Job was very repetitive grabbing wood and very fast movement of my hands and wrist. Your Cats Paw was the only thing that stopped any pain in my hands and wrist. I now work for Huntwood Industries in Spokane, Wa. building kitchen cabinets. The Cats Paw is still a major pain relief and preventative injury tool. Thank you for sending samples for me to give to my safety team to show them how beneficial the Cats Paw really is, and how useful it can be.

Thank You very Much
Sincerely, Steve Gard
Spokane, Wa.

I have had problems with carpal tunnel syndrome and related repetitive stress injury to my wrists and hands off and on for several years due to chain saw use in my logging business. A flare up last winter caused me to take several months off to recover. The time off helped and the symptoms disappeared, but when I started work again last fall the wrist soreness and numbness returned within a few weeks. A wrist brace at night and a flexible wrist support during work didn't help, so I searched for a preventative exercise routine in an attempt to halt the injury in the early stages. I read about the "catspaw" on the web and decided to give it a try. After three weeks of using the catspaw faithfully every day, my wrist soreness was gone! I reduced the hours I used a chain saw during this period but now I have returned to a full work day. It has been three months now…I continue to use the catspaw twice a day and I am happy to report I am still symptom free! As you know, I have ordered several catspaws so I will have one with me at home, in my office, and in my truck. I intend to continue using it every day, even during months I am not working with a chain saw.

Thanks for putting this great little device on the market
Jay Lackey

In the summer of 1996 Denver Orthopedic Specialist had the pleasure of being part of a test market for the "Cats Paw." We have over 40 employees in our central business office that participated. The majority of our staff is in use of a computer terminal for either the majority, if not the entire, day. In the preliminary pole taken, we found many to have substantial signs of the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome or similar ailments.

Through the daily use of the "Cats Paw", we found our staff to have significant reduction in symptoms and at times complete relief from their ailments. We saw an increase in staff productivity in a short amount of time after the implementation of the "Cats Paw" as a daily exercise.

The "Cats Paw" is extremely user friendly, simplistic in design yet very effective and I would highly recommend it to anyone in a profession where repetitive motion is a daily occurrence. With the current magnitude of workers' compensation claims for this type of ailment, the use of a product such as the "Cats Paw" is a must for any corporation large or small. If you have any further questions, I’d be happy to address them.

Kelly Jackson,
Denver Orthopedic Specialists, P.C.

Nancy Kraft,
Grocery Manager
Trader Joe’s Grocery Stores

I currently run the wine section at Trader Joe’s (six months in this position) and have been in the grocery business for almost 20 years. I was a checker for most of that time but started feeling pain in both wrists after 3 months of heavy lifting. In calculation, twice per week I would lift a minimum of 10-40 pounds plus cases of stock – a total of two tons or more. On non-load days there was still work to be done and that total would be reduced by half – maybe.

When the pain started in my right wrist, it took only 2 days to feel even greater pain in my left. Simple tasks such as rolling up a car window were almost impossible, and sleep was interrupted frequently by numbness. I was given another section in the store to run temporarily, knowing I would soon have to return to wine.

That’s when I finally encountered Joel Gibney with his Cat’s Paw hand exerciser. As fate would have it, I was scheduled to return to the wine section 8 days after starting the Cat’s Paw exercises. From the onset (3 days of pawing) I found complete relief from the dull (inactive) pain and a decrease in the frequency of nighttime numbness. I also noticed the pain subsiding and then vanishing during work and heavy lifting.

With regular use of the Cat’s Paw I am free of pain! If I skip a day or two of exercises, I can feel it coming back. The exercises are easy and require little time.

Nancy Kraft

Calvin G. Wilson
Fleet Manager,
Southern Pacific Railroad,
Denver, CO

Per our phone conversation on July 21, 1995 I am writing this letter to give my opinion of your product, "Cats Paw."

I am a fleet manager for Southern Pacific Railroad, In my position I’m constantly in use of telephones and computers. Approximately ten months ago I noticed decreased strength in my left hand and wrist, associated with this was a great deal of pain.

I sought medical attention and was diagnosed as having developed carpal tunnel syndrome. I have undergone physical therapy, immobilization of the wrist, cortisone injections and have been advised by my physician that surgery is the only answer to relieve my symptoms. Wanting to avoid surgery, my wife’s employer suggested I try using "Cats Paw".

In only days of use I have noticed a return of strength to the left hand. The pain and stiffness seem much improved. I use the "Cats Paw" for approximately 15 minutes in the a.m. and again at noon and again in the evening while watching TV. Truly this device is better than all the therapy I have gone through. I would be happy to recommend your product to friends.

Calvin G. Wilson

Christine Taylor
US WEST Communications,
Bellevue, Washington 98005

I am a telephone technician with 20 years in the field. In high school I was a gymnast, and for pleasure I am a musician. Ten years ago I began having trouble with my hands. I was informed I had acquired arthritis. I went out and bought an exercise ball. I used it every day.

Now I have a 98 pound grip and still have much pain after playing my guitar for any length of time. Then three weeks ago at Payless I saw your product the Cats Paw. I bought one and began to use it ever day. I am very excited to tell, and thank you, on your product. In just three weeks the results are amazing. I played my guitar last evening for four hours with no discomfort at all. For this I am grateful. I hope to see more people benefiting from use of the CATS PAW in the future.

Thank you again for easing the pain.

Sincerely, Christine Taylor

Thank you, thank you, thank you for inventing and developing the "Cats Paw" for people with repetitive motion injuries in the hand. I work for Seattle City Light and understand that our Safety & Health Specialist, Kevin Mosley, has been in touch with you about my success with this device and my recommendation for the Utility to issue these to all PC users.

Rather than send you another testimonial about my results after only three weeks, I am sending you a copy of the suggestion I submitted to our Safety and Health unit. Feel free to quote me on anything I said in that suggestion – it is all factual. My condition has improved over 200% in just the past two weeks and I guarantee you that I will continue to use this device every night. In addition, I have been able to reduce dramatically the amount of pain reliever I take every day.

Who knows, this could be to the age of technology what the hard hat has been to the construction work force.

Thanks again,


Ray Anchan,
Facility Manager,
Seattle City Lighting Utility

I spent 6 months on crutches and in a wheelchair in 1985 while my doctors tried to determine why I was experiencing pain in my hip for no obvious reason. We eventually did surgery to solve the hip problem, but the result of 6 months on crutches was devastating to my left arm and hand.

I suffered from wrist/hand/elbow pain and weakness for many years, growing from minor discomfort to major pain, and numbness in my left hand. I was eventually diagnosed with osteoarthritis and the beginnings of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had worked many years in the banking industry and experienced the repetitiveness of computer work and many other jobs.

In about 1991 or 1992, I believe, I heard about the "Cat’s Paw" on the TV news, and volunteered for the test group. I was experiencing almost complete lack of use of my left hand. I could not even hold an empty glass in my hand due to the weakness I was experiencing.

After about a week of using the "Cat’s Paw" 3 or 4 times a day doing the repetitive exercises, I began experiencing some relief from the pain and weakness in my wrist and elbow. Within 2 weeks, I would say, I had almost complete relief from pain, and eventually regained strength in my hand.

I still experience pain and discomfort from the repetitive computer work I do as a volunteer, but use my "Cat’s Paw" to relieve the pain when I do too much. I believe that the reverse use of the hand/arm muscles that the "Cat’s Paw" offers aids in relieving the problem created by everyday use of our hands. I frequently loan my "Cat’s Paw" out to my friends, because I do not want to see others go through surgery that may not work long term. My husband had surgery on both hands, and he still suffers today because of nerve damage on one hand. Surgery should be the last alternative!

I hope this product will be used in the industry in place of surgery, or at least prior to surgery. So far, I have had no success in convincing doctors, chiropractors, or physical therapists to use this product – most likely because it solves a problem that they work on, and thereby make money on. Monetary profits should never be the impetus for a treatment, but sadly is.

If anyone wants to contact me, please call or write me at the address below. I will gladly answer any questions.


Kathy Forsyth,
9598 Laurel Road,
Atascadero, CA 93422

Karen Osgood
Data Entry Operator

I got immediate results from the Cats Paw! This is the only time I have continued in my job yet received relief from the numbness and dull ache that accompanies the problem.

Roberta O’Leary
Office Administrator

The Cats Paw works! Buying the Cats Paw is the best money I ever spent. I have had CTS problems for years and tried everything except surgery. I am an administrator at the Pacifica Graduate Institute and do a lot of work on the computer. The Cats Paw relieved the pain in my wrist and hand. It’s great! "It really works."

Tracy Carr
Data Entry Operator

Your Cats Paw is doing wonders for my pain!! Please send me an extra as a back up and also information for my friend.

Jaydean Franco
Teacher, Masseuse

I slept through the night without tingling or numbness the first night I used the Cats Paw!

I enjoyed talking to you today about your Cats Paw. I will be glad to comment on its performance for me, and I appreciate your offer to send me some examples for my use and for gifts. Here is my testimonial: I am a computer consultant, an avocational musician, and an enthusiastic exerciser. Needless to say, these activities work my hands hard. The Cats Paw has provided me with increased strength, balance and agility in my hands—and it’s a relaxing exercise to boot! Thanks, and I look forward to continuing my "pawing!"


L.D. Keefe

I enjoyed talking to you yesterday. I did call Health for Life as you suggested and ordered more of your CATS PAW exercisers. I’m buying these for my wife; one for home and one for work. She bought one for me for Christmas last year and I’m returning the favor. It really is a favor. I have used mine for a year and have cleared up a serious carpal tunnel problem with my wrists.

At this time last year I was talking to our doctor about a second operation on my right wrist. My hands and wrists were really hurting! I did not want to pursue that solution again and was delighted when, after Christmas, I found myself with an alternative. It worked. After a year of fairly regular use, I can use my hands much better. The pain in my wrists is substantially less. No more carpal tunnel operations for me.

I am a programmer and frequently spend 8 to 10 hours a day at a keyboard. As you can imagine that causes wrist problems no matter how careful I am with my posture.

Using the CATS PAW sure does relieve the stress and make the wrists and hands feel better. One more thing you might want to include in your literature. Like all exercise, this works as long as one does it. I noticed that after quitting for a month or so my right hand and wrist had started to hurt. I hunted up my CATS PAW and resumed exercising with it. A month or so later I felt better again. Now it sits next to my keyboard. I’ll shortly be getting myself another so I can have one at home too.

My wife has complained of wrist problems, so the ones I ordered yesterday are for her. I think they will help.

Keep up the good work.

Dick Brenneke
P.O. Box 962,
Lake Oswego, OR 97034 -

I enjoyed speaking with you last week. Enclosed please find the story of my experience with the Cats Paw.

I started using this simple and effective device a few months back because of wrist injuries I sustained one year ago. The discomfort in my wrists at times had become debilitating to the extent that I could no longer do my yoga practice. I started using the Cats Paw twice a day and within one week, I was surprised to find how quickly my strength was building and that I could complete many repetitions of the exercises.

By the second week my muscles became stronger. By the end of the third week the discomfort in my wrists had virtually disappeared. Although at the time I had not resumed vigorous activity with my wrists, I was feeling confident that soon they would be healthy again.

Unfortunately, that is when I lost my Cats Paw. The pain soon returned as the protective muscles I was building with the Cats Paw seemed to atrophy and disappear. I sincerely hope that news of the Cats Paw becomes widespread as it will help a lot of suffering people.

Good luck!

Warm regards,
Shelby Lyon
Assistant to Producer,
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Thank you for talking to me the other day about your "Cats Paw" product. My husband purchased one for me as a surprise, and I was thrilled to receive such a HELPFUL product!!!

I am a secretary for a doctor and his wife, and I work in their home handling all of their personal bookkeeping and accounting, so I use the computer and calculator all day long. I have been employed by this couple for 11 years, and during that time, my right wrist has become very sore and painful due to constant use. Once I started using the "Cats Paw" my wrist became much stronger and I have much less pain than before. Your product is so unique and such an incredible invention—stretching the wrist muscles in the opposite direction of what they are forced to be in every day in the workplace. It is small enough to keep in my purse so I am able to use it whenever I wish—what a true blessing!!! Thank you for creating such a superb product—helping the public in a very simple way—yet in such a HUGE BENEFICIAL way!!!

Claudia Harris

Evan Garret,

For the past six years I have suffered from the increasingly uncomfortable symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and was at the point of seeking surgical relief. About two months ago I heard about your Cats Paw and decided to give it a try. It has been the best money I’ve ever invested! Relief from the symptoms was evident in three to four days. By now, I would estimate that 90% of the discomfort stopped. I no longer wear the awkward wrist braces that I’ve put up with for six years. Incidentally, I am 81 years old and continue a very active life. Thank you for making this product!

Evan Garret

Shawn Victor
Musician and Retail Clerk

Thank you very much for the Cats Paw. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I am a keyboard player and have just formed a new band. I have been practicing very hard and my carpal tunnel problem had become almost unbearable. I was beginning to think my playing would have to be reduced to a part-time hobby, until I received the Cats Paw. It really works! I got positive results the first time I used it. Now, with the Cats Paw as a regular part of my daily routine, I have very little problem with carpal tunnel syndrome. You have not only saved my career but changed my life for the better.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely, Shawn Victor

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The Cats Paw works! Buying the Cats Paw is the best money I ever spent. I have had CTS problems for years and tried everything except surgery. I am an administrator at the Pacifica Graduate Institute and do a lot of work on the computer. The Cats Paw relieved the pain in my wrist and hand. Itís great! "It really works.
Roberta OíLeary
Office Administrator

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