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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can pop up whether you bang away at a key board , swing a hammer, check groceries, or work on an assembly line processing food or building cars - anywhere in the fast paced work environment of today. The Cats Paw helps relieve and prevent the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with opposing muscle exercise. Read the "ABOUT CATS PAW" page to see how it works. If you have experienced hand numbness, hand pain, or hand weakness and fatigue the Cats Paw may be just the ticket.
Simple, effective and affordable - the Cats Paw for relief and prevention of these Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

Tested and proven over 10 years to help 2 out of 3 people. Hand numbness, hand pain and hand weakness is relieved and hand strength is restored using the Cats Paw. This simple, effective and affordable hand exerciser is an easy addition to any ergonomic program and we can put your logo on it for no extra charge with a minimum order.


We have a money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose. Buy it and try it today!

The Seattle Times
WASHINGTON'S LARGEST NEWSPAPER Utility touts success of Cats Paw treatment

SEATTLE - City Light might have stumbled upon a $9 treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which has been called the industrial disease of the 90s. The public utility conducted a study of 25 Carpal Tunnel sufferers using a palm-sized exerciser called the "Cats Paw" and found that two-thirds of the subjects reported favorable results, according to Keven Mosley Koehler, an occupational- health therapist at the utility.

Another larger study will be conducted later this year.

The device is a palm sized piece of rubber with holes for the fingers, and the prescribed exercise is that of opening the hands as opposed to other ergonomic devices that stress closing the hand. It was developed by a Santa Barbara, California inventor, Joel Gibney, who suffer from the ailment, also called Repetitive Strain Injury, or RSI, because it's caused by repetitive movements of the fingers and hands. It's prevalent among computer keyboard users, grocery checkers, musicians and machine operators.

Alex Tizon

I am happy to supply you with this letter concerning our positive experience with your product, the Cats Paws hand exerciser for relief and prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injuries. After receiving samples of the Cats Paw, we forwarded them to various clients of ours that were having trouble with Carpal Tunnel.

Most clients reported seeing positive results, with one client in particular having great success from using the Cats Paw. She had been diagnosed and battling Carpal Tunnel for over four years. Using typical therapies such as wrist braces and anti-inflammatory and pain drugs helped some but her problem continued to be very persistent and painful. Surgery may have been on the horizon. The Cats Paw helped her almost immediately. She has seen a tremendous decrease in pain and is much better prepared for her daily routine and happier at work.

We passed out a couple of dozen Cats Paws and have been impressed with the good results. I would highly recommend any company concerned with Carpal Tunnel problems investigate purchasing the Cats Paw. We will continue to recommend and use your effective and affordable product.

Scott L. Curry,
Curry Insurance Agency

May 16, 1997

I am happy to supply you with this letter concerning our positive experiences with your product, the Cats Paw Ergonomic Hand Exerciser. After receiving your samples, we started using them at some companies having trouble with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Results have been good; we have seen a reduction in the number of Carpal Tunnel type problems and claims. We specialize in workers’ compensation insurance and have seen many products. The Cats Paw seems to be working better than anything else we have found for reducing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome claims for our clients.

Most of our clients who passed out Cats Paws have been impressed with the results and are requesting more. I would recommend the Cats Paw to any company concerned with Carpal Tunnel or Repetitive Strain. We will continue to recommend and use your effective and affordable product.

Thomas Steinbrenner Ogilvy,
Gilbert, Norris & Hill Insurance

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The Cats Paw works! Buying the Cats Paw is the best money I ever spent. I have had CTS problems for years and tried everything except surgery. I am an administrator at the Pacifica Graduate Institute and do a lot of work on the computer. The Cats Paw relieved the pain in my wrist and hand. Itís great! "It really works.
Roberta OíLeary
Office Administrator

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The Cats Paw is a hand exerciser used to: Relieve the pain & numbness of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Bring Relief for Athletes playing sports that use their hands. Prevent Carpal Tunnel & Repetitive Stress Injury in Musicians from playing instruments.

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