Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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How Cats Paw helps Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How Cats Paw helps AthletesTennis, Golf, Biking

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How CatsPaw Helps:


Healthy hands and strong hands are essential to all sports. Unless you are strictly a runner, strong, balanced and healthy hands will help you play longer and harder.

The Cats Paw hand exerciser was originally developed to relieve and prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms such as hand numbness, hand pain and hand weakness. The Cats Paw supplies opposing muscle exercise for your hands. As an athlete you know how important opposing muscle exercise is.

Now think about your hands. They get used hard only one way all day, closing, gripping, squeezing, at work or play..You need to restore the biomechanical balance to your over used hands.

If you have ever experienced hand numbness, hand pain, or hand weakness and fatigue and want stronger, healthy hands the Cats Paw can help.

Unique, simple and quickly effective, the Cats Paw is the perfect tool for the job. We honor our money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose. Buy it and try it today!

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LAST MONTH MY DOCTOR TOLD ME I had an acute case of tennis elbow. Pretty depressing news for a guy that doesn't even play tennis. But he told me that grasping weights had overstrained the muscles in my forearms. Besides icing and rest, he suggested I strengthen my hands and fingers.

The problem is, most grip strengtheners only work the flexors, the muscles that close the fist. In daily life, your hand gets enough of a workout just grabbing for a book or shaking hands. And overdevelopment of these muscles can create a muscle imbalance and lead to health problems. But I found one little gizmo, called the Cats Paw, that works both the flexors and extensors, the muscles that open the hand. By slipping your fingers in each hole and opening and closing your fingers, you get a balanced workout, one that I've noticed has helped with my recovery. (I'll be ready for the US Open in no time.) It's also been known to help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries. The Cats Paw is available for $9 from Gibney International, 1-800-CATS PAW.

Myatt Murphy

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The Cats Paw works! Buying the Cats Paw is the best money I ever spent. I have had CTS problems for years and tried everything except surgery. I am an administrator at the Pacifica Graduate Institute and do a lot of work on the computer. The Cats Paw relieved the pain in my wrist and hand. Itís great! "It really works.
Roberta OíLeary
Office Administrator

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The Cats Paw is a hand exerciser used to: Relieve the pain & numbness of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Bring Relief for Athletes playing sports that use their hands. Prevent Carpal Tunnel & Repetitive Stress Injury in Musicians from playing instruments.

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